The Importance of Back to School Sports Physicals for Student Athletes

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The Importance of Back to School Sports Physicals for Student Athletes

School sports are an excellent way for students to stay in shape, make friends, and learn the discipline they need for the rest of their lives. But most importantly, school sports are a fun alternative to sitting at home with nothing to do

However, kids participating in sports need to be healthy enough to compete, as injuries and other illnesses may get exacerbated by physical activity.

Sports physicals are necessary for school sports, allowing doctors to diagnose medical issues and determine if your child is healthy enough to participate in school sports safely.

At Calvary Urgent Care in Humble, Texas, Dr. Joseph Goin and his team are happy to provide back-to-school sports physicals for student-athletes.

Dr. Goin is a primary care and urgent care specialist, and provides patients and parents with the necessary information for a pre-sports physical to ensure their child has a fun and safe experience on the field or court.

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is an exam doctors provide to students and athletes to ensure they're healthy enough to compete in physical activity.

Most schools require students to undergo a sports physical before they're allowed to participate in any sporting event or tryouts.

Any primary care doctor can provide a sports physical, which typically consists of a review of the child's health history and a detailed physical exam.

The goal of the sports physical is to look for any injuries or illnesses that may compromise the child's health or well-being while playing sports.

If we find a medical or physical problem with your child, it doesn't automatically mean they can't play sports. Dr. Goin evaluates any health issues that pop up and provides the proper treatment and therapy to ensure, first and foremost, that your child is safe and healthy before clearing them to play sports.

Understanding what is involved

A regular sports physical has several parts, including a health history, physical exam, and any other testing needed to verify your child's health and wellness. Each component has specific aspects involved, which include:

Health history

The health history evaluates your child's past and present health, including previous surgeries and medical problems.

Dr. Goin also asks questions about medications your child takes and any family history of medical issues. Other questions you can expect during the health history aspect of the physical include:

  • Current immunizations
  • Previous hospitalizations
  • Allergies
  • Heart problems
  • Previous head injuries

We may also ask for emergency contact information if your child is injured during a sporting event and brought to our urgent care facility.

Physical exam

The next part of the appointment is the physical exam. Dr. Goin evaluates your child for any apparent deformities or conditions that would make it unsafe for them to participate in sports. As part of the physical exam, Dr. Goin checks the following:

  • Heart rate and blood pressure
  • Lungs
  • Abdomen
  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Reflexes

Dr. Goin evaluates every aspect of your child's physical health to ensure there are no hidden medical problems or physical limitations that would prevent your child from safely playing sports.

Other testing

If Dr. Goin finds something during the physical exam, he may recommend further testing to rule out other issues. The testing can also help him determine a course of action for treatment that may allow your child to participate in sports.

Other testing can involve blood work, imaging studies, a urine test, or an EKG, all of which give Dr. Goin the information he requires to move forward with treating your child.

Sports physicals are crucial to an athlete's safety

Just as a routine physical exam is essential to your ongoing health, a sports physical is vital to every student-athlete returning to school to play sports.

The physical exam is fundamental to ensuring your child's safety before they begin playing sports. Silent problems may exist in your child's body, which could harm their health.

For example, if Dr. Goin finds that your child has asthma, he can quickly treat the condition, preventing an asthma attack during practice or a game. He can also follow your child's medication progress and make adjustments to fit their lifestyle.

Sports physicals also allow your child to talk to Dr. Goin about any issues they may be experiencing related to training or exercise, such as muscle pain or cramping or joint discomfort.

That information is essential in allowing Dr. Goin to check your child's muscles and joints, which could help prevent an injury during a sporting event.

The primary importance of a sports physical is its ability to identify any medical issues previously overlooked that could cause a problem with your child during sports and exercise.

To schedule your child's sports physical today, call Calvary Urgent Care at 832-680-2273 or request an appointment with Dr. Goin on our website.