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Providers at Calvary Urgent Care know that having access to a pharmacy at your dedicated urgent care clinic can save you a trip, which, of course, saves you time. Calvary Urgent Care in Humble, Texas, is home to a full-service pharmacy that can help you with all of your prescription medication needs. The pharmacy is open six days a week, and you’re welcome to walk-in during business hours to pick up medications. You can also schedule a consultation with a pharmacist online or call the pharmacy directly.

Pharmacy Q & A

What services does a pharmacy provide?

Pharmacies are your go-to facilities for all of your medication needs. Building a relationship with a trusted pharmacist is important to ensure you’re getting the right medications in the correct dosages. The pharmacy can:

  • Dispense medications
  • Ensure you’re not allergic to certain medications
  • Counsel you about how to take your medications 

Your pharmacist is an expert in all types of medications, including over-the-counter formularies. They can spend time counseling you about how your medications work and let you know if any of your medications may interact with one another. 

What are the benefits of an urgent care pharmacy?

Calvary Urgent Care is proud to offer pharmacy services right in the clinic so patients can get all of their medical needs met under one roof. Using this on-site pharmacy is beneficial to:

  • Save you time (fewer errands)
  • Provide you with discounted prescriptions
  • Have all of your medical records in one place

Plus, because the pharmacy at Calvary Urgent Care is in the same building as your physician, your pharmacist has quick access to your doctor if they have questions or concerns. This helps streamline processes and means less wait time for you.  

When should I contact a pharmacy?

When you have an exam at Calvary Urgent Care, your doctor electronically sends your prescription over to the pharmacy. Once you check out, you can head over to the pharmacy to pick up your medication (you may have to wait for just a few minutes). 

While you can certainly ask the pharmacist any questions you may have when you pick up your prescription, you may get home and realize you have additional questions or concerns. You’re welcome to call the pharmacy anytime to get the information you need.

It’s also important to contact the pharmacy at Calvary Urgent Care if you’re getting low on a prescription and need a refill. They can either refill your medication for you or contact your doctor to see if your eligible for refills (if no refills are left). 

The pharmacy at Calvary Urgent Care is available to fill your medications on-site. You can also walk-in during business hours. You can also call the office or schedule a pharmacy consultation online. 

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