Positive Pregnancy Test: When Do I See a Doctor?

At-home pregnancy tests are a great way to find out whether you’re about to be a mom. You can take the test whenever you want, wherever you want, on your own terms. You might choose to be alone, just you and your partner, or with your whole family gathered around. You can have all the privacy you want when you take your first peek at the stick. And if the results are positive, meaning you’re going to have a baby, an at-home test allows you space to take in this life-changing news, to let it sink in as you feel all the emotions that come along with it.

Whether your pregnancy was planned and hoped for, or it’s a complete surprise, your thoughts will eventually turn to the universal question: What now? At Calvary Urgent Care, in Humble Texas, our team of experienced medical professionals love caring for moms-to-be, and we understand that you have many questions. The first may be: When should I call my doctor? Here are some guidelines to help you navigate the next few days and weeks after you first learn that you’re pregnant.

When to make the first call to the doctor

It’s a good idea to call us within the first few days of receiving a positive result on your pregnancy test. Depending on a few different conditions, we may or may not suggest that you make an appointment soon. 

One of the main reasons to call us is to begin taking care of that life growing inside you. Prenatal care is essential to the health and development of your unborn baby, and it’s important to start early. By partnering with a professional, you increase your baby’s chance to be born at a healthy birth weight by a factor of three, and also increase their chance of survival by five. 

At-home pregnancy tests aren’t only incredibly convenient, they’re 99% accurate. However, there are times when they fail. This could be because of the time you took the test, improper technique, or simply a failed test.

To understand how any pregnancy test works, you need to know what it’s testing for. After your egg has been fertilized, it attaches itself to the wall of your uterus. Then, about six days later, your body starts to produce a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which shows up in your urine and blood. If the test detects it, then it comes back positive, and you’re pregnant. 

If you take the test too early, you might be pregnant, even though the test reads negative. If you suspect that your results are inaccurate, a blood test at our office can tell you with certainty. 

Why it’s important to talk to a doctor if you’re pregnant

In addition to the routine prenatal care all pregnant women should follow, such as quitting smoking, abstaining from drinking alcohol, and taking folic acid supplements, an early appointment with a doctor is the best way to detect conditions that might put you or your baby at risk.

Some issues can be discussed over the phone, and others may require an in-person appointment. Here are a few of the conditions that may affect your pregnancy:

Even over-the-counter medications and supplements can cross the placenta and reach your baby. When you come to see us, we talk to you about the best diet and exercise routines for each stage of your pregnancy and help you and your baby enjoy the time together before the birth. 

Typically, we schedule appointments with pregnant women once a month during the first trimester, twice a month during the second, and once a week during the final month. This schedule may change if you or your baby begin to experience any complications, which we identify and monitor throughout your journey.

If you’re pregnant, think you might be, or are getting ready to be, you can trust us to come alongside you every step of the way, from the pregnancy test to the birth of your healthy baby. Call us today at 832-680-2273 or book an appointment online

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