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Allergy Testing at Calvary Urgent Care of Humble, TX

Get Allergy Testing at Calvary Urgent Care. We Assess for Environmental and Food Allergies. For More Information About Our Allergy Testing Services, Call Us or Book an Appointment. We Are Open Monday through Friday from 9am-9pm and Walk-ins Are Welcome!

Allergy Testing at Calvary Urgent Care of Humble, TX

Throughout the year, allergies can be an annoying and an uncomfortable experience for patients of all ages. While most people experience their worst allergies in the spring and summer seasons, allergies can come out of nowhere and are not just limited to environmental allergies such as pollen and dust. At Calvary Urgent Care in Humble, TX, our allergy professionals offer a wide range of allergy testing services to patients of all ages, including children and seniors. Our clinic offers walk in services for your busy schedule, and we are open from Monday through Friday during flexible hours. We know that allergies can be a bothersome and sometimes a life altering problem for many, so we do our best to provide accurate and effective allergy testing services at our clinic to get to the root of the problem. Our allergy experts can then provide the appropriate allergy treatment for your specific needs. We know that every patient’s allergies are specific to their health, so our team does their best to provide expert diagnostics and treatment to have you feeling healthier and happier soon.

We have Board-Certified medical professionals many years of experience when it comes to testing for environmental and food allergies. We provide a range of testing services, from skin tests to blood tests. Each test has its benefits and drawbacks, so we work with you to discover your specific needs and then tailor diagnostic tests and treatment strategies that fit your allergy needs. The allergy testing process is relatively straightforward for both skin and blood tests, but skin tests can be a bit more time consuming, as you will have to come into the clinic a few times for our doctors to assess your allergic reactions. Allergies can be a complicated health problem for many, so it is important that our team takes the appropriate amount of time and testing to discover the best therapy route for you. Treatment strategies can include medication therapy or injection therapy, and both deliver effective and long lasting results for most patients. Calvary Urgent Care also offers a number of other urgent care services that may be of interest to you and your loved ones.

If allergies are causing you regular pain or discomfort and you are looking for the appropriate testing and treatment strategies in the Humble, TX area, then look no further than Calvary Urgent Care! Our entire team can provide a stress free and effective allergy testing experience, and provide you with the appropriate allergy therapy that you need. We offer walk in allergy testing services, as well as flexible hours throughout the week. Our urgent care clinic is centrally located and our allergy professionals have the medical experience to help you feel better as soon as possible!

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